Summer internship program

Learn from the Pro's! Theory and plenty of interesting exercises (see the Turtle Release Documentation by our intern Nora Hinkel) give you an inside glimpse of the
work of a professional photographer. Learn about photography techniques by assisting Tati on her jobs and discover if this occupation would be the right one for you. Every intern gets a certification for their further career.

Cactus TV Summer Internships, Workshops & Trainee programs

We decided to offer internship programs due to many inquiries we receive every year.
Eventually in summer of 2011, we started offering this kind of service.

During her professional career as a camerawoman for international TV productions and assignment photographer Tati taught many of her assistants - who now work in the TV business, for newspapers or magazines as they became cameramen or photographers.

Our students join an effective and successful learning program.

The internship in Cozumel can include the following:

  • learning the basics of photography (in theory and with a lot of practical exercises)
  • learning the basics of photoshop and other computer programs (including exercises)
  • learning the basics of multimedia like web design, social networking & graphic design (including exercises)
  • working directly with Tati (and other professional photographers) on assignment jobs - as an assistant or student
  • learning the basics of shooting and editing videos (including exercises)
excercises internship program excercises internship program excercises internship program
  • working for the Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Cozumel
  • working as a photographer for special events such as the Ironman, street parades, Carnival, traditional Mexican fiestas
  • working for the eco science program in Belize
  • working for the whale shark conservation program
  • learning the Spanish (and/ or English) language with a certified teacher (once or more times per week)

teacher student The learning objectives will be supervised at all times and clearly stated in the students report portfolio. Well-documented learning objectives provide clear direction and targeted goals for the student. In this way the effective learning objectives are concise and measurable.






English or German 80%, your own camera and laptop, open-minded to the Mexican culture,
passing our screening (via e-mail and interviews on Skype), valid health insurance and visa.

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We have developed an detailed education plan
in order to guarantee the success of the students learning experience.

excercises internship programCrucial key elements for a successful internship, workshop and trainee program:
Effective Supervision by Tati and other certified teachers.
Due to the training nature of an education, it is imperative that students are provided with sufficient supervision and support. We understand that a considerable time investment will be needed, especially on the front-end, to plan for and implement necessary training.
This is why we have a plan ongoing daily or weekly meetings to stay up-to-date with the student 's progress. Our interns and/or trainees will provide some useful assistance for Cactus TV while also receiving on-the-job training that will assist them with their future career search.



Meaningful Assignments


no go-fers with usGone are the days of using interns as simple "go-fers". Our internship program will ensure the assignment of challenging projects and tasks. Effective assignments are combined with adequate supervision so as to provide an information resource and to ensure that students are keeping pace. Whenever possible, we try to include them in organizing events such as staff meetings and allow opportunities for networking.






 As our training & education

  • benefits the student
  • the student does not replace regular employees
  • Cactus TV does not immediately benefit from the student’s activities

we have to charge each student a fee. We offer discounts to small groups (2 people & more).
Any education, instruction and training implies costs which are an investment in their future career.
Please contact us for details as the pricing depends on the students training period and her/his learning objectives.



student photo workshopCactus TV will be stating the educational relevance of the internship via an appropriate documentation and a certification at the end of the internship/trainee program.
Additionally to the achieved knowledge, the report portfolio gives credit for the experience.

The Cactus TV internships, workshops & the trainee programs are a true & fun learning experience.

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